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Meet Our Staff

Our writing tutors are trained to provide general writing feedback and advice to students, regardless of the course content, format, or subject area that students are working with. A number of these tutors also offer specialized services based on their demonstrated proficiency in the subjects they tutor.

Currently, we employ writing tutors with specializations in AP, APA, and Chicago-Turabian styles and formats.


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Livvy Mcclellan

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Livvy is from Vancouver, Washington. Right now, her plan is to get her bachelor’s degree in exercise science, and then get her doctorate in physical therapy. Livvy enjoys running, sleeping, and visiting her family! Even though she doesn’t write as much anymore, Livvy does love writing about her own life, journaling, writing letters, and occasionally making up stories.

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Nikke Northrup

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Nikke is from Las Vegas, Nevada and has lived in St. George for the past year. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in communications. After graduation, she plans on taking some time off to get more experience in the psychology field and then going on to get her master’s.  She is especially interested in developmental psychology and health psychology and loves to write about topics related to these subjects.

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Joe Scheaffer

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Joe is a history major from Harrisburg, South Dakota. He is a senior at Utah Tech, and after graduating, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Latin American history. Joe loves to write about anything historical in nature. In particular, he likes to write about cultural exchanges in the past and how their circumstances influenced their outcome.

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Nate Thomas

Chicago-Turabian Writing Tutor

About Me

Nate is from Tooele, Utah, and has loved living in St. George and going to school here Utah Tech. He is a history major with an emphasis on the conflicts of the Twentieth Century. After Nate graduates, he wants to try and get a job as a history professor at a decent-sized university and put together a class called the History of Warfare. As such, he really enjoys writing about past events and his interpretations of them. Nate also enjoys writing narratives in the historical fiction genre. Writing helps him to organize his thoughts, and he’s always happy to help someone do the same on their essays and assignments.

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Cora Williamson

APA Writing Tutor

About Me

Cora Williamson was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. She is working on getting a BA in English with an emphasis in creative writing. Her hope is to find a job as an editor at a publishing company. She loves writing poetry when inspiration strikes

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Alyssa Bayles

AP Writing Tutor

About Me

Alyssa is from Delta, Colorado, and is majoring in English with an emphasis in professional and technical writing. After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree and ultimately get a job as an editor. Alyssa’s dream is to eventually become an author. In terms of writing topics, she enjoys writing fiction or editorial pieces because she gets to tell a story.

Display image of Braxton Rasmussen

Braxton Rasmussen

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Braxton is from central California. He is currently pursuing an Integrated Studies degree in Psychology and ASL with the goal of providing mental health services to both the hearing and the Deaf. Upon completing his bachelor’s degree, Braxton plans on attending graduate school before practicing therapy. His favorite thing to write about is his experiences with people.

Display image of Ives Hong

Ives Hong

Psychology Writing Tutor

About Me

Ives is an international student from Sai Gon, Viet Nam. He is majoring in Psychology and plans to pursue a doctorate in Clinical Psychology after graduation. Ives likes to write about psychological research and participate in research projects in his free time.

Display image of Taylor Marshall

Taylor Marshall

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Taylor Marshall is from Mesquite, Nevada. She is majoring in graphic design and minoring in creative writing. After graduating, she plans on taking a well-deserved break from school and will probably do some traveling. She also hopes to start her own business and possibly find a job in the publishing industry. She has plenty of niches to choose from within her major, but that one would be a fun experience for her. She enjoys writing poetry in her spare time and loves writing stories (even though she claims she is supremely bad at it).

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Kayla Gonzalez

General Writing Tutor

Display image of Madison Foster

Madison Foster

General Writing Tutor

About Me

Kayla is from Ogden, Utah, and she is majoring in marketing with a minor in web design and development. She plans on going into the digital marketing sphere post-graduation but is happy to work in any and every aspect of the business world. Despite going into a major that isn’t known for being writing heavy, she’s learned that writing is central to effective marketing, and how vital writing is no matter what field students plan to go into. Because of this, she’s grown to enjoy writing anything from research papers to fictional stories to marketing plans and is happy to help others do the same.

About Me

Madison is from Chino Valley, Arizona. She is studying population health with an emphasis in pre-dental hygiene, as well as a minor in health care administration. After getting her bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene, she plans to work in a dental office as a dental hygienist. Madison enjoys writing about anything involving human development.


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